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 Mulbagal History: Mulbagal is in Kolar of Karnataka state in india.It’s about 100 km from banagalore and 30 Km from koar on the Banagalore-Chennai National Highway. Also, it’s one of the taluks in Kolar district.Mulbagal was originally called Mudalabagilu, meaning eastern entrance as it was the gateway to the erstwhile Mysore state in the Vijayanagara kingdom.Later on,it became Mulibagilu, and finally Mulbagal.  Mulbagal is temple town. It has several must-see ancient temples. Among them are: Anjaneya temple-The anjaneya idol here is very high beleieved to have been installed by arjuna after Mahabharata war as a mark of respect to Hanuman, Who was the sy mbol of his flag(hanuman dhwaja) on the chariot.Later,in akbar’s court. Someshwara Temple- Another ancient templehaving muthological importance. The Shiva linga here, it is said,is similar to the Varanasi.Vittaleshwara temple-Dedicated to Vishnu,this is also a very old temple with a tall gopura(tower0 and vast kalayani(pond). The Vishnu idol here resembles panduranaga vitala. 

Economy:The major sources of employment are in the agriculture.dairy,sericulture,floriculture related industries.Farmers in Mulbagal are completely dependent upon borewell water for irrigation and drinking.Tourism: Mulbagal is home to several famous temples,and is popularly known as the land of "Temple Places."Travel hub:Mulbagal connects Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh states. Many transport and travel businesses set up their base here.Trading:Mulbagal has many sericuluture and vegetable trading markets, including potatoes, tomatoes (in Vadahalli), brinjal, beans,beetroot , carrots, chow and cabbage. Industry: The state government of Karnataka acquired non-agriculture land for industrial development  activities as part of an initial step the government proposed for a granite  industries hub at Mulbagal Taluk.Cottage Industry:Mulbagal is known for tobacco beedies. Many brands of beedis are produced and distributed to Karanataka and Andhra Pradesh. The Muslim community is largely engaged in this busines.

Tourist: In comparison of temples,Mulbagal is a better town than Kolar though is the district head quarter.At Mulbagal you can see Anjaneya temple,Subramanyeswara temple, Vittaleshwara Temple, Sripadaraja Matt and Baba Hyder Vali Dargah. Near to Mulbagal you can See Kurudumale Maha Ganapathi Temple,Narasimha Teertha and Sri Virupaksheshwara swamy temple.At Avani you can see Ramalinga temple.Shankar Mutt, and Lava Kusha hill.

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